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Brand Spotlight: NYC Parks

Peter Kenigsberg

Peter Kenigsberg

Account Executive

There are few subway ads that practice consistent, clean design, contain an important message, and mimic New York accents quite like those of NYC Parks. The city’s play on words is a fresh perspective: let’s get more out of the “jungle” in our “concrete jungle.”


New York City’s Department of Parks and Recreation has teamed up with energy efficient partners BMW and Whole Foods among others to create a campaign stretching across all five boroughs called TreesCount. The goal? To take better care of our street trees (those not in Central Park) by mapping their whereabouts and enlisting volunteers to monitor their size, species, and more. As of this post, over 190,000 trees have been accounted for across over 40,000 blocks.


From TressCount’s ads to their website and energy efficient rides, NYC Parks and Rec is taking a modern approach to a modern movement. Their clean, responsive website (complete with an impressively detailed progress map) encourages “voluntreers” to keep the movement alive in their neighborhood. The plethora of rewards also help incentivize users to count the green; the grand prize being two tickets to September’s Global Citizen Festival.


With enough support, NYC Parks and Rec is determined to make the future one of clean air and well-kept street trees.

Join the movement and learn more about the counting culture here.

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