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Cooper Hewitt: Stop and Stare

Peter Kenigsberg

Peter Kenigsberg

Account Executive

When it came time to announce the reopening of Cooper Hewitt in Carnegie Hill, Wieden+Kennedy found themselves faced with the tall task of creating an out-of-home advertising campaign as eye-catching and beautiful as the exhibitions occupying the design museum’s hallowed halls. The awareness campaign targeted specific areas of New York City “through engaging copy and bold graphic design that utilizes the museum’s striking new identity.” Make no mistake, Cooper Hewitt is a local institution. These ads are more than a recognition of the reopening. It’s a reminder that Cooper Hewitt hasn’t lost touch with New York City in its absence.

A Work of Art

If the mark of a true artist is the ability to listen and react to the world around them, consider Cooper Hewitt head and shoulders above the rest. This OOH campaign has taken two forms: an abstracted view of the historic design museum, and a series of targeted, pithy ads. Let’s start with the former, more attention-grabbing half. W+K dismantled the iconic Cooper Hewitt logo with elongated and distorted letters arranged in a chaotic pattern over vibrant gradients. Think of these ads as the bobber in the water, waiting to reel you in where smirk-inducing copy awaits.

Our Art Director, Aviva Buivid, was one of the many commuters who got hooked. She vividly recalled Cooper Hewitt’s campaign as a celebration of design and those who strive to push its boundaries. “Some of the posters were just gorgeous abstract arrangements of the Cooper Hewitt and Smithsonian logos, which felt like a little treat for design and art lovers to enjoy. After walls and walls of ‘buy this’ and ‘go here now,’ posters with just shape and color were a welcome respite from the noise.”

A Tip of the Hat

In a city of endless personalities, Cooper Hewitt understood the importance of tailoring their out-of-home experience to address the intricacies of specific neighborhoods. From The Upper West Side to Bushwick, W+K took a hyper-local look at the denizens of Manhattan and Brooklyn and the ways in which their lives are impacted by design. For instance, those in Chelsea were treated to ads that read “The most cutting-edge art gallery in Chelsea is not an art gallery and is not in Chelsea.” Brooklynites, specifically those in Williamsburg, were on the receiving end of jabs regarding their obsessions with brunch, V-necks and the famous Fixies.

Interested in the Rest of the Exhibit?

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