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Gett: We Don’t Surge

Peter Kenigsberg

Peter Kenigsberg

Account Executive

If there is one thing Gett wants you to know about their services, it’s that they don’t surge prices like some well known competitors (*ahem* Uber). Now that we have your attention, meet the subway campaign serving up some much-needed real talk to New Yorkers. Those familiar with Uber and Lyft’s services are no strangers to surge pricing. During peak hours or following crowded concerts and sporting events, their prices skyrocket to combat the influx of requests. It’s simple supply and demand economics that infuriate people who need a cheap and easy ride home. Enter Gett who stripped all semblance of design to let the message speak for itself.

Nutmeg - NYC Subway Ads - Gett: Uber Ripping You Off

We Don’t Surge… Ever

Each ad is a unique play on Gett’s core (and only) point of difference: no surge pricing. Ever. The self-proclaimed “black car app” uses both witty copy (“My mama don’t like surge, and she likes everything”) and subtle attacks (“The competition, who we shall not name, is Über ripping you off”) combined with a taxi yellow background to draw wandering eyes on their 570 branded subway cars. While some may accuse Gett of sounding like a broken record, the emphasis on a lack of surge pricing is consistent across every ad. Eagle-eyed observers may even find humor in scavenging for Gett ads just to see how many ways the brand can say “We don’t surge.”

“Our Black Cars Never Surge”

“Truthfully, I laughed out loud at a lot of these ads,” said Art Director Aviva Buivid, “which is definitely what the copywriter intended. Another strong case for text-only advertising—it certainly stands out. The font and color (which are the two main and only visually recognizable things about the ads) are not currently used in any other campaign at the moment.”

Did I Mention Gett Never Surges?

The same whimsical Gett ads can be found on digital street-level billboards and bus shelters around the city. Gett has also partnered with LinkNYC to become one of its first ad partners which gives the brand a significant first mover’s advantage over other ride-sharing services.

Online, Gett launched a microsite ( to help troubled Uber and Lyft users cash in their surged trips for free Gett credits in increments of $5 (i.e. $21 in surge fees equals $25 in Gett credit). Just be patient, though. Word on the street is that Gett cars are a dime a dozen.

Nutmeg - NYC Subway Ads - Gett: Now That We Have Your Attention

Forget a Cab

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