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Justworks: Read the Fine Print

Peter Kenigsberg

Peter Kenigsberg

Account Executive

Human Resources is a complicated beast, especially for entrepreneurs. To properly scale a budding business, you need the support of a talented team that believe in the brand. These staffers don’t come cheap. Along with payroll comes an onslaught of state and federal regulations, compliance coverage, health insurance and more. For many startups, Justworks is the solution to this time-consuming dilemma. The all-in one business and employee management tool alleviates the tedious burdens of HR to “level the playing field for entrepreneurs.”

Work Fearlessly

Justworks’ ads, created by Circus Maximus, are a tale of two halves: the bold, relatable headlines and the lengthy fine print. Together, each portion of the ad serves to symbolically portray Justworks’ direct benefit: helping small business owners and entrepreneurs avoid the fine print. Small business owners and entrepreneurs excel when given the room to grow and scale their ideas. If left bogged down by the minutiae of HR, their businesses as a whole would start to suffer. Such is why Justworks presented commuters with a dichotomy in their ads. Circus Maximus strove to draw wandering eyes with a booming headline focused on “big picture” concepts. From there, the fine print is available for those who are interested. However, it is not an essential read given Justworks’ mission to handle it for those who need the most help.

Devil in the Details

“I can say as someone who has had to wear a number of hats at once, these ads really nailed how I feel,” said our Art Director Aviva Buivid. “I commend their commitment to text-only ads. The serif font feels just ‘businessy’ enough to let you know this is not a dating app. However, the color palette and cute icons make it clear this is not a stuffy law firm.” She has even caught herself reading the fine print on trips to and from work. Creative Director Dave Rogan also acknowledged Justworks’ “solid messaging,” noting that it is “nicely crafted from a design standpoint.”

All Shook Up

For some small business owners, human resources aren’t just burdensome, the paperwork can feel like something out of a sixties horror movie. Justworks bottled this fear in a fresh, seasonal campaign released around Halloween. Using the familiar style of horror movie posters, Justworks personified employer paperwork as the monsters they truly are. In true Justworks fashion, it pays to read the fine print. The often indiscernible movie credits are cleverly used to promote the platform’s ability to “aggregate, organize and simplify all under…one company.” To drive the point home, Justworks cited the production company as Focus-On-the-Big-Picture production.

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