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Mar 2, 2016 Events

MAGIC Recap: Fjällräven

David Buivid

David Buivid

Interactive Executive Producer

Dressed to Thrill Part 3 (of 3)

Invited to speak on “Interactive Brand Strategy” at MAGIC, “the global pillar of fashion trade shows,” in Las Vegas this month, I had an opportunity to walk the show’s markets during my visit.  Three brands stood out to me as hitting the mark when it comes to best practices. In this post: Fjällräven.


Who had the coolest brand presence at MAGIC 2016? Fjällräven! At least in visual style.

The outerwear and lifestyle brand’s space transported visitors to a Swedish mountain villa, complete with a cabin, faux snow and a bunch of mountain/ski gear to round out the look.


I learned that Fjällräven has only recently entered the North American market. They came to our shores a little over three years ago, long after having established themselves as the dominant cold apparel brand in Europe for decades (the company was established in 1960). The brand is only now starting to introduce more than a few SKUs of their most popular products (backpacks, jackets, pants), supporting the initiative with outdoor ad campaigns in large “cold weather” cities.


Of the three brands at MAGIC that I’ve reviewed on this blog, Fjällräven was the only one to incorporate high-quality video into its display. Visitors could learn about Fjällräven’s brand, image and products from a screen that was set up within a wall of multicolored backpacks. 


I was surprised that more brands were not taking advantage of video to display their wares via runway shows or other lifestyle-focused imagery. In any case, Fjällräven made the statement that it is a serious contender in the market and that by wearing their gear, you too can truly “own the cold.”

Visit the official Fjällräven website.

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