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Nutmeg-Girls Rule the World-Nickelodeon 3
Aug 15, 2016 Team

PromaxBDA Spotlights Nutmeg’s “Girls Rule the World” Promo for Nickelodeon

Larry Closs

Larry Closs

Marketing Director

Millions of viewers can’t be wrong! Our music-video-style viral promos for Nickelodeon are a Nutmeg specialty. In a guest article for PromaxBDA, Director of Marketing Larry Closs goes behind the scenes of our latest singular sensation with the creative quartet who produced it: JD McMillinLiz Burton, Mike Greaney and Stephen Walsh.

NEW YORK — For Beyoncé, girls run the world. At Nickelodeon, girls rule the world, and that’s no coincidence. In need of an animated, beat-driven, girl-powered promo, Nick turned to longtime creative partner Nutmeg with a creative brief that was as brief as it gets: create a promo built around an original Beyoncé-esque song with “lyrics” crafted from sound bites by female characters across eight popular animated series.

The challenge was business as usual for Nutmeg, where the craft of creating music-based promos is something of a specialty. Nutmeg and Nick have collaborated on a half-dozen, several of which have struck viral gold on YouTube. To date, the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trans-Dimensional Remix” has racked up 2.1 million views, the “Alvin and the Chipmunks Megamix” stands at 14.7 million views and a remix of the Silentó smash “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” featuring the artist dancing with a dozen Nickelodeon animated characters while singing original lyrics by Nutmeg Executive Producer and Writer Mike Greaney is fast approaching an astounding 40.1 million views, making it the channel’s most popular video of all time.

Nutmeg-Girls Rule the World-Nickelodeon-JD McMillin-Liz Burton-Mike Greaney-Stephen C Walsh

The “Girls Rule the World” team: JD McMillin, Liz Burton, Mike Greaney and Stephen C. Walsh

Greaney was, in fact, the executive producer on all three of those promos as well as several others, although they’re not really promos—previews of upcoming shows or episodes—in the traditional sense.

“Image-building spots would be more accurate,” he says. “They’re meant to promote the essence of a brand by zeroing in on the elements that make them so popular.”

For the latest image-building spot, titled “Girls Rule the World,” those elements would be the distinctive female characters that inhabit Nickelodeon’s animated universe, with all of their nerve and verve on full display. As with every project, Greaney assembled and supervised a small post-production team: Sound Designer, Mixer and Composer JD McMillin, Editor Liz Burton, Graphics and VFX Director Stephen C. Walsh. The process began with the music, since the music would inspire the editing.

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