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Seamless: Easy Food

Peter Kenigsberg

Peter Kenigsberg

Account Executive

New York City is more than the sum of its pizza and street meats. First-class culinary experiences are at the bedrock of our diverse culture and palette. However, partaking in one of these victual moments costs more than the price of admission. It comes at the expense of our two most treasured assets: time and convenience. Thankfully, Grubhub-owned Seamless understands the daily struggle. With the help of BBH New York, commuters discovered a tantalizing–and brutally honest–solution in the form of Seamless’ “How New York Eats” campaign.

Seamless - Nutmeg - Avoid Cooking Like You Avoid Times Square - NYC Subway Ads

Good Enough to Eat

Many of us grew up with the unwritten rule “it’s impolite to stare.” The same applies on a crowded subway car at peak hours. Rather than fix your gaze on the person seated in front of you, divert your attention to any one of the ads adorning the subway car walls. With this campaign, BBH placed a generous bet on your attention, understanding the intrinsic appeal of recognizable design. The “How New York Eats” campaign is familiar at face value and altogether personal underneath the surface. True New Yorkers can instantly attribute the multitude of grandiose typefaces and offset printing skills to any number of classic eateries.

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Seamless - Nutmeg - Nothing Ruins a Good Meal Like Other New Yorkers - NYC Subway Ads Seamless - Nutmeg - Oder Breakfast in Bed Even if Your Bed is Your Couch Seamless - Nutmeg - Waiting for a Table? You Won't Even Wait for a Walk Sign - NYC Subway Ads


Our Art Director Aviva Buivid said it best: “the winner in these ads is definitely the New York snark.” With your sights transfixed on Seamless’ ads, you can’t help but chuckle at the honest accounts of food preparation difficulties. The headlines are “brash and playful while hitting bullseye after bullseye,” said Creative Director Dave Rogan. Whether you operate in a tiny kitchen or perceive delivery men and women on par with comic book superheroes, Seamless is quickly improving the quality of life for many New Yorkers too burdened by their day-to-day to shop, prepare, cook and serve three meals a day.

Seamless - Nutmeg - Subway Ads on Train - NYC Subway Ads

Seamless Ads at 8th Street

Hungry for Seconds?

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