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Spotify: Discover Something New

Peter Kenigsberg

Peter Kenigsberg

Account Executive

When launched in 2008 as an invite-only streaming service, Spotify was the talk of the music industry. The freemium platform dismantled the barriers between fans and their favorite artists’ songs while subsequently facilitating the music world’s ongoing debate about the integrity of album sales, accessibility of high-profile songs and the dwindling financial support it offers rising artists.

Now, with looming competitors Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon Music, Spotify is making headway as the people’s champion. The Swedish streaming service emphasizes curated and expansive playlists over windowed exclusives. However, Spotify is privy to machine learning’s rising stock. The company knows, as do competitors, that users are increasingly inclined to identify with services that offer personalized experiences. Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists is the strongest asset in this never-ending competition for the listener’s attention, which is why it is the recent focus for an ingenious subway ad campaign.

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For Your Ears Only

Each ad features plain-clothed millennials gazing and even cannon-balling into a starry abyss that resembles the over 30 million songs (and growing!) in Spotify’s library. Many of the ads are accompanied by tweets from users who equate Discover Weekly to the perfect partner, a diamond in the rough and the best birthday gift. This simple decision to incorporate user tweets is perfect. Utilizing brand fans as advocates to preach the emotional benefits of your service instantly bolsters credibility. At the same time, Spotify has made a name for itself by thinking social first. Intuitive integrations into social posts and website embeds makes Spotify the first choice for sharing playlists.

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Spotify Ad at Spring Street Station

Less Is More

For Art Director Aviva Buivid, the true hallmark of winning design is the ability to stay subtle and let the viewer’s imagination do the rest. “The feeling of discovery and exploration is strong,” said Buivid. “The tweets really do capture how it feels to be gifted this perfectly curated playlist once a week by an algorithm.” She also commends Trollbäck + Comapny for deviating from obvious design choices such as earbuds, speakers or photos of musicians. With a spotlight on the subject, “you start to feel an affinity for the magic of Discovery Weekly.”

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Spotify Ad at Spring Street Station

Get Personal

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