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StreetEasy: Simple Math

Peter Kenigsberg

Peter Kenigsberg

Account Executive

The numbers don’t lie: living in New York City is a costly endeavor. However, what you lose in expendable income, you’re bound to gain in culture. Every borough, district and block boasts a unique personality that defines this city’s unsurpassed diversity. Lean on StreetEasy–an intuitive apartment rental app–as your tour guide helping you identify the neighborhoods that best support your interests or dwelling requirements. Want to live in a loft with a fancy supermarket, industrial charm and toxic waste all within walking distance? You may find yourself a perfect match for life in Gowanus. Or, you might enjoy living in Queens if you want to immerse yourself in every culture and cuisine, all while tolerating the air traffic overhead. Regardless of your housing preferences, StreetEasy (a Zillow-owned company) uses its subway ads to show how easy the equation can be to take you from prospective tenant to full-blown New Yorker.

Find Your Formula

Similar to most apartment search sites, StreetEasy helps users refine their search via a list of criteria that take into account every aspect of housing from location to amenities. Of course, there are always a number of quirks that these sites can’t account for. Every location has it’s own history, a collection of known facts or word-of-mouth rumors that define public perception.

StreetEasy wisely chose to target these inside jokes, solidifying their position as a long-standing NYC foundation and a trustworthy resource for the area. They know that, when searching for a new apartment, your decision to move hangs on more than the availability of a laundromat. You also care about the amount of outdoor space to host parties or access to a fire escape for late-night people watching from on high. Where you live speaks volumes about who you are and how you choose to live.

Consistent Results

When we first found StreetEasy’s ads in the underground, Strange Beasts sketched some ad concepts, taking a bird’s eye view of New York City apartments to show that the contents of an apartment, not it’s size, define the character of where you choose to live. It was a successful first step for the campaign. When StreetEasy chose to look at the apartment rental process on a macro scale, they knew that retaining the same illustrated style would maintain and even improve brand recognition. Consistency is key, especially in our ad-congested subways.

Even Dave Rogan, Nutmeg’s Creative Director and Long Island resident, found himself admiring StreetEasy’s ads. “Each ad is well designed,” said Rogan. “The illustration styles feels like it shouldn’t work, but it does. It’s terrific. I ‘get’ StreetEasy, and it feels like they made it their business to get me too.”

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