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The era of smarter and more personalized technology is here. Machine learning (or more generally, artificial intelligence) influences our product recommendations in Amazon, news feed algorithms in Facebook and even the framework for driverless cars. Datacratic, a Montreal-based startup, aims to bring the power of machine learning to brands in the form of cost-effective proprietary tools and applications. There are dozens of high-profile brands investing heavily in machine learning. However, what truly sets Datacratic apart is their commitment to democratizing access to these powerful tools. The company offers an open-source machine learning database ( that is an extension of their mission to make artificial intelligence readily accessible to data scientists, CMOs and CTOs with a serious interest in leveraging this technology for their businesses.

When we first met Datacratic’s executive team, we quickly learned how complex the technology is and the challenges associated with explaining the value to prospective (B2B) customers. Nutmeg was tasked with providing strategic direction to not only help Datacratic secure essential venture capital, but to help the business position itself for expansion into new verticals while establishing itself as a leading provider of artificial intelligence services. The ultimate goal: develop a straightforward message that appeals to both investors and prospective clients so that they can revolutionize their businesses and offer more personalized experiences for end users. We believe that this will develop stronger bonds between customers and "smart" brands, increasing customer lifetime value.

Datacratic case study results by Nutmeg

Planting the seeds

Having successfully made a name for themselves in AdTech and MarTech circles, Datacratic was in need of venture capital to fuel their expansion into new industry verticals. The AdTech market has provided significant scale to help the Montreal-based company form partnerships with world-class technology providers. We believe that, artificial intelligence is industry agnostic; this burgeoning technology that improves via constant learning can benefit a wide array of industries from medical to educational to agriculture and beyond.

Datacratic slide design by Nutmeg

To accomplish this goal, Nutmeg helped design a comprehensive presentation that describes Datacratic’s business strategy, core offerings, competitive landscape and financial projections. Throughout the entire design process, our conversations with Datacratic’s team were heavily focused on their overall marketing strategy, giving us the opportunity to connect every slide in their presentation with a top-level ideology that underpins their business model. Working closely together, we were able to tell a story of artificial intelligence that has connected Datacratic with its wider audience and will result in an increase in market share.

Breaking New Ground

Our strongest relationships are fostered when we have the opportunity to impact brands at the strategic level. Before developing any creative elements, Nutmeg hosted a series of workshops to help Datacratic uncover their value from a client’s perspective. We learned that the entire artificial intelligence industry was in need of a firm with an interest in opening up the technology to a wider audience, one that could significantly reduce the barrier to entry while providing quality insights. With Nutmeg as a strategic partner, we armed Datacratic with the perspective to effectively describe their suite of offerings to industry insiders and new entrants alike.

We also aided in simplifying their messaging across all touchpoints. From Datacratic’s B2B website to their Investor Presentation Deck, our team helped craft succinct copy that accurately described their core offerings with a benefits-first perspective.

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