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What's the deal...with the holiday video? Every year, it's the same thing, it's a's a spoof. What's the deal...with that? Can't someone do something different? Can't someone celebrate the whole season? Isn't it time to crank up the content...and get everyone involved?

What about a Festivus calendar, Jerry? It looks like an advent calendar, but it honors Festivus! New games, videos and articles featured every day for 20 days! Clients will click and share–share and click! It will be gold, Jerry! Frankincense, myrrh – and gold!


  • 136,797 video views across social media and our website
  • Over 750,000 people reached on Facebook
  • 40.28% open rate and 5.93% click rate averages during the entire email campaign
  • 31,000% increase in joy after interacting with our content

Breaking New Ground

How did we do it? Combining a Seinfeld inspired holiday…with an age old tradition…took a ton of creativity, humor and talent. The entire Nutmeg team got to work–editors, sound designers, writers, producers, graphic designers and support staff all took part in brainstorming concepts, shooting videos, building interactive games and writing holiday themed articles. A Festivus for the rest of us–took all of us!

Laying the Bricks

Nothing says Seinfeld or Nutmeg like the Big Apple–the perfect setting for our Festivus advent calendar. Friend and illustrator, Lia Strasser, brought one city street to life by decking it out for the holidays and filling its windows and doors with a sneak peek of the day’s featured content.

Lia Strasser illustration process

Interior Decorating

Our Festivus feast took form over the course of several weeks and covered a wide range of topics, all with a festive theme of course. Collaboration was key in bringing new traditions to life–such as an actual airing of grievances and a bold take on Feets of Strength.

Airing of Grievances

Feets of Strength

Getting in the Spirit

We knew from the outset that sharing the Festivus love couldn’t be accomplished with just one mass email. So our marketing strategy was twofold: a weekly email campaign and daily social media updates, including a recurring series on Instagram Stories.

The results were festi-fabulous! On Facebook alone, we reached over three quarters of a million people, proving that this content had a lasting impact on our audience. Not only did our clients share the joy with others, but the ripple effect even reached the official Twitter accounts for Seinfeld and WPIX (the official yule log broadcaster) as they celebrated our group holiday effort.

A Festivus Miracle

Imagination, creativity and collaboration – all centered around the one holiday that could be celebrated by all. The 2016 Festivus Advent Calendar. Built by Nutmeg, enjoyed by thousands. It was truly a Festivus for the rest of us!

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