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Krasdale and Alpha 1 Marketing have been providing independent grocery stores with quality merchandise and dedicated customer support since 1908. This fourth-generation family-owned business has succeeded where others have failed thanks to its adaptability in a changing marketplace, attention and ability to support specialized customer needs and a unique approach to retail marketing.

We were originally approached for our successful track record in B2B sales, but the relationship quickly evolved into a complete rebranding. From designing a custom marketing strategy, on-brand print and online materials, a presentation video, two new websites and everything in between, our partnership was devised to modernize their industry-leading position.


  • 333.4 percent more new users on Krasdale's site than the industry average
  • Users stay on Krasdale's website 20.94 percent longer than the average Food & Grocery benchmarks
  • 6.23 percent clickthrough rate which is 114.3 percent higher than average for the B2B industry
  • 285 qualified sales calls via paid mobile advertising
  • 10,000 impressions in just two months thanks to paid advertisements

All About Presentation

Krasdale, with Alpha 1 as its marketing arm, is well positioned to meet the unique demands of independent grocers in culturally diverse areas. Being able to cater to specific demographics and ethnicities is an asset the big chains cannot match. To showcase Krasdale and Alpha 1 as independent leaders with innovative ideas, we built a sales pitch that can be tailored for any meeting.

The presentation starts with an animated video that serves as an overview of Krasdale and Alpha 1’s business offerings. Next, we created a customizable slideshow and accompanying handout that can be altered to fit a specific customer’s needs. The tools we provided are an effective way of promoting Krasdale’s unique point of view as a champion of independent grocers.

The Little Things

A great company understands the impact small gestures have over the lifetime of a partnership. With this in mind, Alpha 1 Marketing needed additional support in designing partner ads that reflected their upgraded sales pitch. We worked with Alpha 1 to create eye-catching partner ads for digital, print and trade shows, ensuring the new designs exuded modernity.

In this family-owned independent business, customer loyalty is key. Every year, Krasdale and Alpha 1 throw their customers an Annual Store Owners Black Tie Gala to show their appreciation. To help them celebrate, we set up an interactive photo booth, brought a professional photographer, provided a step-and-repeat backdrop and gave everyone the celebrity treatment. In this business, everyone is family!

Krasdale and Alpha 1 take the well-being of their store owners and customers to heart. In an effort to tell their stories, and inspire others to support the work of independent grocers, we helped create the “Alpha Advantage,” a quarterly publication supporting “innovative ideas for independent leaders.”

We redesigned the magazine from cover to cover, giving them their most successful issue to date. Once done, we supplied Alpha 1 with all creative files to create their next issue in-house. With complete creative control, we empowered Alpha 1 to operate autonomously while maintaining a heightened design quality.

“I couldn’t be happier with the new and improved 'Alpha Advantage' magazine! Working with such a creative team is a pleasure and honor. Looking forward to more work together in the future! I applaud you all!”

Dylana Silver, Marketing Director at Krasdale

Looking the Part

Now that Krasdale and Alpha 1 were presenting themselves as fully modern companies, there was just one last thing to do: look the part online.

Continuing the foundation we established in their new marketing approach, we strategically redesigned both Krasdale and Alpha 1’s websites. We constructed each website to complement the other while still emphasizing unique functionalities essential to each brand. These new sites also benefit from our attention to best practices: responsive websites built with user experience constantly in mind.

In addition to the new look, we bolstered the launch of Krasdale’s website with a paid search campaign. Thanks to its ease and relevant content, potential customers stay engaged on the site longer than the industry average.

Real-World Results

Combined, the results have exceeded expectations, effectively bringing new and qualified leads every month. Not only that, the company is rapidly expanding beyond the tri-state area with their impressive new fleet of 50-plus trucks.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a true New York institution, especially when they are increasingly rare.”

David Buivid, Interactive Executive Producer at Nutmeg

Krasdale and Alpha 1 know that first impressions matter. We made sure to reflect their business savvy and forward-thinking approach in the design of their engaging marketing tools. Nutmeg will be their partner every step of the way as Krasdale and Alpha 1 continue to assert their market-leading presence and act as a beacon for independent grocery store owners.

The next century is bright for Alpha 1 and Krasdale.

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