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FCB Health, one of Nutmeg's closest partners, continues to excel as the premier agency for healthcare brands in need of compelling and strategic creative. For Paragard, a birth control product, they wanted to produce three quirky and funny videos that showcased women in different situations being saved by their "Wing Woman."

FCB identified Nutmeg as the best fit for this project. We excel when collaborating with our clients from creative concept to execution. Our combination of high-quality production and playful humor was the spark that lit the fire for this campaign.

Hitting the Ground Running

The three spots were written to be entertaining and memorable. Each portrayed a “Wing Woman,” our protagonist’s angel swooping in to save the day. She can be seen helping women answer their birth control questions at the dog park, at a ticket stop and even as a skydiving instructor in disguise.

Dave Rogan served as our Creative Director on the project, with Caroline Nixon keeping everything running smoothly as Account Executive. The two met up with FCB’s Project Manager, Jen Martin, to come up with the design and strategy for all three videos. We were excited to take on the challenge.

Catering to the Audience

Before the project began, we were aware of Paragard’s appeal to millennial women. We constantly referred back to this demographic and their interests when we started forming our cast and team. We wanted the videos to be fun and lighthearted while still evoking an on-brand message.

FCB chose director Scotty Bergstein for this production. Scotty was able to contribute his experience working in comedy to help bring humor to the forefront. Our actresses, all accomplished improv artists, approached every scene with swagger, confidence and humor, making the entire production a pleasure to shoot.

Lights, Camera, Action!

No detail was overlooked during pre-production. On top of the expected challenges of planning a shoot, we would have to contend with the shortest days of the year. With less natural light available to our team, there was little room for mistakes on set.

The shoot took place in Los Angeles with the majority of our pre-production in our New York office. Out on the west coast, two sets of custom angel wings were created for our wing women followed by casting. We also teamed up with TWC Media to help organize a local crew.

Thanks to all our pre-production, when we finally arrived in LA, the shoot went off without a hitch.

Anticipating Post

As a full-service production company, we are always anticipating upcoming needs. We knew that inviting Pete Sussi on set–our CG partner from Platinum Platypus–would significantly streamline our partnership on this project. Our communication throughout the entire shoot allowed Pete to receive the exact files he needed.

Our in-house editor Amanda Hughes was in charge of cutting the spots together. She worked on all three spots simultaneously, ensuring they had a consistent pacing and tone. By the time FCB Health came into the review the spots, they were practically done.

The spots were approved and sent off to Stephen Walsh for some additional graphics and to Gary Scarpulla for color correction and a final polish.

All three spots were a huge hit and FCB couldn’t be happier with our work.

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