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NTMG designed the main titles and the content for the performance screens playing behind each artist. The directive was to convey the visual history of each artist being honored while establishing connectivity to the Museum. This resulted in a multi-paneled, triangular motif that was evocative of the Museum’s iconic glass pyramid.

NTMG Design
Executive Creative Producer: Doug LeBow
Executive Creative Director: Fred Salkind
Creative Director: David Rogers
Art Director: Karolina Dawson

Line By Line Productions
Supervising Producer: Frank Garritano
Producer, Director: Alex Coletti
Co-Producer: Barbra Dannov
Coordinating Producer: Gillian Appleby

Green Day "When I Come Around" performance

Lou Reed "Viscious"

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Theatre

NTMG Design created a multi-screen media experience within the Museum that highlights the storied careers of the Hall of Fame inductees.

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