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Nutmeg produced a short-form behind-the-scenes documentary capturing a live promotional stunt in a New York City movie theater for the TNT series “Legends” which stars Sean Bean (“Game of Thrones,” “The Lord of the Rings”) as an undercover agent plunged into a terrifying mystery about his own identity.

From Stunt to Screen

The stunt took place at New York’s Regal Union Square movie theater. A Nutmeg crew was there, filming every aspect of the production. As moviegoers entered the lobby, they were asked if they would like to be “virtual extras” in an upcoming “Legends” trailer with Sean Bean. Those who agreed were taken to a “Legends” booth where they were given instructions about what to do in front of a green screen. Unbeknownst to the participants, the trailer was composited on site and shown during the pre-roll of the movie they were there to see. Only minutes after filming their segments, participants were shocked, surprised and ultimately delighted to see themselves on the big screen in an action-packed “Legends” promo alongside Sean Bean.

In addition to everyday challenges—tight budget, ambitious timeline—there were others unique to the project. We had to film in a public movie theater without causing a disruption. With only one day to shoot and no possibility of re-takes, we decided to mitigate the risk inherent in filming real people—what if they froze in front of the camera?—by also filming actors (Nutmeg employees and their friends) earlier in the day to guarantee we got the shots we needed. We filmed both the lobby green-screen segments and the in-theater audience reaction shots, using a BriteShot for the latter to simulate the light bounce of a movie. We then spent the afternoon and evening filming real moviegoers. The final digital short is a mix of both staged and actual events. Though we had only one and a half weeks of pre-production, we filmed on a Friday, edited over the weekend and delivered the finished piece on Sunday evening.

“Nutmeg delivered on everything. They were very collaborative, listened to the objectives and handled all of the various areas of production both pre-pro and post with professionalism and energy.”

John Jamilkowski, Senior Creative Director, On-Air Promotions TNT Originals


Executive Producer: Laura Vick
Director of Photography: Brian O’Carroll
Producer: Mike Greaney
Associate Producer: Caroline Nixon
Line-Producer: Brian Donnelly
Editor: Carl Vasile
Mixer: Andrew Guastella

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